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Fall Session is Sept 12 - Dec 19 (14 weeks)
Register for the entire session and commit to your core,
or drop-in as your schedule allows.

Since opening in Oliver, near downtown Edmonton, in 2000, Integration has been at the leading edge of Pilates instruction and investigation.
Under the guidance of Pilates masters & physiotherapists from around the world, we have created our own unique Pilates-evolved exercise system that builds strength from the inside out, improves posture & alignment, relieves low back pain, prolongs an active lifestyle, corrects imbalances, and relieves stress & tension.
Pilates is excellent for injury prevention and post-rehabilitation due to its sound biomechanical principles and ingenious equipment. Healthcare practitioners of all kinds send their clients to us, knowing that we prioritise safety, effectiveness, and accessibility.


  • “A big thank you to the patient, expert instructors at Integration who got me started in Pilates and gave me an exercise that has improved my physical and spiritual well-being. Joseph Pilates was right - a balanced body and mind leads to a peaceful existence!”
    - Elysia J.
  • “I stumbled upon an ad for Integration while lying on the couch following my third hip surgery. It was exactly what I needed! Four years later I still visit the studio 3 times a week. I have been able to drastically cut back on painkillers. I rarely use my cane, and I dropped the 30 pounds I gained during my 8-month couch ride!”
    - Kathy B.
  • “I am an overweight workaholic with 6 screws, 4 plates, a bone graph in my back; a rerouted tendon through my ankle bone; severe arthritis in both knees, and scar tissue in my shoulder. I may not be able to do everything [in classes] but the staff is great at providing options. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Thank you, Integration staff for your encouragement and support. Your classes continue to challenge and motivate me through good and bad days.
    - Alma S.
  • “Joining Integration 5 years ago was the start to a life transformation for me. It is strange to think that 5 years ago I was 30 pounds heavier, could barely balance on one leg, and lacked the confidence to even walk into a gym. Now I am in the best shape of my life.
    - Carrie R.


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