Joseph Pilates was decades ahead of his time, as we now know that developing a balanced body, mind, and spirit—his main goal—lies at the heart of optimal health. 

At Integration, we incorporate the latest in the science of exercise, physiology, and wellness into Joseph’s original technique.

We work with a wide variety of clients: 
  • Those with chronic pain and injury looking for alternatives and adjuncts to traditional western medicine;

  • Those with sedentary jobs needing to improve posture and relieve repetitive strain;

  • New mothers wanting to reconnect to their core;

  • Athletes cross-training to address overuse injuries;

  • Seniors wanting to build bone density and maintain full range of motion;

  • Anyone who wants to feel strong, long, relaxed, and centered!

The Integration Pilates Matwork System makes traditional pilates more functional, user friendly, effective, and fun.

The unique Pilates equipment uses springs to build strength, flexibility, control and coordination simultaneously.

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Pilates helps you live more fully: Improve your golf game -  have shoulders that don’t ache anymore - handle stress more effectively -  
or just feel more connected to yourself.

You can expect to: 
  • Feel muscles that you did not know you had – the deep core muscles of the torso, hips and shoulders

  • Build your overall strength and tone without adding bulk (Pilates creates long, lean muscles!)

  • Improve your posture and balance

  • Learn simple exercises to relieve tension and stress that you can do anywhere, anytime

  • Discover breathing techniques that give you energy and clarity

  • Manage injuries and chronic conditions safely and recover from them quickly

  • Increase flexibility

We now define our age by how well we can move. Our age in years may be much more than our "functional age" if we are able to move with ease from the floor to standing, if we can balance, and if we have full range of motion of our joints. It is possible to live fully at any age.  Pilates gives you the tools to total body health.

       OUR TEAM

Tracy was introduced to pilates while taking her BFA in Dance at York University in 1991. After suffering a leg break from a car accident in 1995, she began serious study in Pilates for rehabilitation. She was able to return to dancing professionally, but soon realized that Pilates was more than a personal practice for her. She originally trained and certified under Vivian Nickels at Body Matrix in Toronto in 1997 and has been teaching ever since. She has continued her training under various Pilates master teachers from around the world, and is particularly interested in the evolution of Pilates as a tool to to address today's changing bodies & souls, and to rebalance and reconnect EVERY body, regardless of injury, chronic condition, postural imbalance, or fitness level. She continues to study many forms of body work and movement, including Traditional Thai Massage, which she practices out of the studio. She also has certifications in Vinyasa Yoga from YogaWorks and Ashtanga Yoga from David Swensen. Other certifications include Therapeutic Ball release, Gyrotonics, Craniosacral Therapy, Kettlebells, Bosu, and Pfilates (Pilates for Pelvic Floor). She is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), with whom she does regular continuing education. Her Workshop Series is an opportunity to inform and give specialized rehabilitative and injury prevention exercises for specific areas of stress, or specific activities.
Tara’s interest in Pilates stemmed from a need to strengthen her back due to chronic pain. Her subsequent passion for Pilates grew as a result of her physical improvements and the fantastic way it made her feel. She holds a deep love for both the transformative and therapeutic aspects of Pilates.
Tara certified as a Pilates Mat Instructor in 2000 through the Physical Mind Institute and then in 2001 completed her Pilates Equipment certification at Body Harmonics in Toronto. Her love of movement and teaching started even earlier with her earning a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Physical Education. During this period she was an active member of the University of Alberta Pandas Gymnastics Team. She also is certified in Yoga (RYT-200), Pfilates( Pilates for pelvic floor), Therapeutic Ball Release, TRX, and Post-natal Pilates.
In Tara's classes you will benefit from her emphasis on form and technique and her attention to detail. She creates engaging, safe, and motivating classes while incorporating flow and variety into her instruction. Fifteen years later, Tara still feels passionate about sharing with others the wonderful benefits of Pilates, core strength, flexibility and an overall feeling of good. When Tara is not teaching Pilates she can be found spending time with her husband and two children that she feels very blessed to have.
Shannon was first introduced to Pilates in 2000 whilst studying at the Melbourne college of natural medicine. Having suffered chronic back pain for years with no avail , until Pilates.
Shannon is trained in both mat and equipment. She also has her 200 and 500 hr yoga teacher trainings. She actively teaches both Pilates and yoga and guest teaches on several yoga teacher trainings.
She loves being a mother , travelling the world and all things health and well being.
Mirella began practicing pilates after a workshop she attended over 10 years ago. She was immediately drawn to it and knew that it was something she needed to share with others. She became certified in 2004 through Integration Pilates Studio under the guidance of Tracy Stafford. She has been teaching at the studio and throughout Edmonton ever since. “Pilates is not only an exercise form, it becomes a lifestyle. I continue to be amazed by the transformations I see in people. I am truly blessed to share in one’s reconnection with their own body.” Mirella uses her background in dance, creative movement and yoga to guide her pilates instruction and continues to educate herself through various workshops and conferences.

I began in the fitness industry as a traditional aerobics leader in 1989 and then gravitated towards muscular strength and conditioning classes. I practiced yoga during these years, and incorporated the poses into my regular fitness classes. In 2006, I obtained my 200-hour level as a registered yoga teacher, and I now teach in the styles of Hatha, Yin, Therapeutic and Restorative.
In 2008, I was drawn to a Pilates class. Right away, I knew this was my next discipline to learn. I love the way it combines movement and breath with the added components of muscle strength/length and core training. So, I began my journey into Pilates instruction.
After obtaining a mat Certificate, I continued my training in 2011 with a full certification from Tracy Stafford in Pilates equipment. Through Pilates, I help my clients with functional movement and strength and show them how to enjoy the peaceful benefits of a mind, breath and body connection.

Shareen has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is dedicated to helping people develop healthy, fit, functional bodies. Shareen was Mat certified in 2001 through Body Works Pilates Studio and Dianne Miller, a Master Pilates teacher in Vancouver. Shareen is the creator of Strollercise, Babes in the Woods, and is a respected trainer and certified postnatal specialist. She has an innovative and energetic style and lectures on various wellness topics. Shareen is also certified on equipment with Tracy Stafford at Integration.
Kara became interested in pilates in the mid 2000’s after a hip and back injury that left permanent spinal instability. When she discovered that the best way to keep her back in health was pilates, she became passionate and enthusiastic about it! A life long sports competitor and enthusiast, Kara has found that pilates has both increased her strength and stamina, as well as improved her muscle symmetry, and believes that it can do the same for everyone. Kara also works as a certified personal trainer, and as such, is dedicated to helping people achieve their true physical potential through fitness.
Cyndy started her pilates journey in 2005 and was amazed at how her body felt and changed. She knew right away that she wanted to become an instructor and help others discover this work. After taking classes with various instructors for 5 years, she received her Mat certification in 2010 through Body Works Pilates Studio. In 2011, she took the Fletcher Intensive becoming certified to teach Barrework™, Towelwork® and Floorwork®. Then in 2012 took the Fletcher comprehensive program and is fully certified to teach Mat and Equipment classes. Pilates has changed her body and improved her low back issues. Cyndy is grateful for the opportunity to assist others to awaken their own abilities and deepen their mind body awareness. She continues to learn by attending conferences and workshops. In her personal time, she enjoys camping, hiking and standup paddle boarding with her dog.
Nicole Wassill discovered Pilates when she injured her knee while working as a professional dancer, singer, and actor. After surgery and extensive rehabilitation therapy, she struggled to reach her previous level of fitness. Through Pilates, Nicole was able to rebalance her body and regain the stability, strength, and flexibility required for her profession and lifestyle. Now, Nicole is a passionate advocate for Pilates and the benefits it offers, and she is driven to help others achieve their fitness goals. Nicole brings her diverse experience with her and incorporates them into her classes. Nicole's education and certifications • Pilates mat and full-equipment certification - trained by Tracy Stafford (PMA recognized) • Mind-body and Personal Training certifications - Can Fit Pro • Theatre Arts Program - Grant MacEwan College. Nicole is committed to continually learning and growing, and from information learned at conferences and continuing education classes she regularly incorporates new work and ideas in her classes.
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