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Cyndy Creighton

Cyndy started her pilates journey in 2005 and was amazed at how her body felt and changed. She knew right away that she wanted to become an instructor and help others discover this work. After taking classes with various instructors for 5 years, she received her Mat certification in 2010 through Body Works Pilates Studio. In 2011, she took the Fletcher Intensive becoming certified to teach Barrework™, Towelwork® and Floorwork®. Then in 2012 took the Fletcher comprehensive program and is fully certified to teach Mat and Equipment classes. Pilates has changed her body and improved her low back issues. Cyndy is grateful for the opportunity to assist others to awaken their own abilities and deepen their mind body awareness. She continues to learn by attending conferences and workshops. In her personal time, she enjoys camping, hiking and standup paddle boarding with her dog.

Cyndy Creighton is currently not instructing any classes.