1 = Total Beginner, 2 = Advanced Beginner, 2/3 = Intermediate, 3 & 3/4 - Advanced

Experience our unique approach to Pilates that you can take anywhere you go. In a typical 12-week session you will learn Pilates using the mat, stability roller, fitness ball, hand weights, resistance band, gliding discs, bosu and fitness circle - lots of variety so there is something for every body and every mind! These props are designed to build core connection and optimal alignment, giving you a full-body workout - improving strength, balance, flexibility, and body control. Our Pilates-evolved mat classes combine the floorwork with elements of Yoga, traditional fitness, plyometrics, and injury prevention & rehabilitation therapy.



All Levels

This is our own unique design on the TRX suspension system and Russian Kettlebells. This class builds high power strength and agility with more of a traditional fitness philosophy. The Gravity Straps allow you to work with your own body weight to create total body fitness, power, and flexibility. Our unique design provides for better ergonomics, as well as more attention to balance and symmetry in strength and alignment. Weighted Kettlebars put the core into a high velocity environment, building explosive power and whole body coordination. Our unique Kettlebar design puts less strain on the wrists and hands, allowing you to focus on form. This class works your heart and lungs as well as your core! It is open to all levels, with the understanding that we are putting the body into a challenging environment.



All Levels

The power trio that everyone needs. This 1-hour class includes 30-40 minutes of stretching all the parts of the body that are chronically tight, giving you new ideas for healing yourself.  We also practice different yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama) that will strengthen the heart, lungs, core, cleanse the body of toxins, increase vitality, and sharpen the mind. Meditation is an opportunity to truly connect with yourself without any distraction, and learn techniques to relax, de-stress, and to take life just seriously enough, but not more. Each week will have a different style of practice, but for all classes  the purpose is to give time and space for increased presence and self-care. This class will refuel your body, mind, and spirit in every way.



1 = Total Beginner, 2 = Advanced Beginner, 2/3 = Intermediate, 3 & 3/4 - Advanced

Our classes cycle through all the major Pilates Equipment: Reformer,  Cadillac, Chair, & Standing Pilates Machines. The unique spring weight resistance environment is both challenging and supportive: the springs build muscle tone, strength, and control as you learn to move smoothly with the apparatus, and the pulleys and springs allow the body to go further than it could on its own. The Pilates equipment also helps to put the body in correct alignment and to train the right muscle, which is key to rehabilitating and correcting faulty muscular patterning, as well to developing optimal muscle tone. There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do on the apparatus, allowing us to work with most injuries and physical challenges.



All Levels

This style of yoga has a steady pace that allows the body to find a grounded sense of alignment in each posture while still flowing though an organic pathway to keep the body heated and engaged. Props will be used to open up the body in specific ways, make alignment adjustments and to ensure safe movement. This rejuvenating body-mind practice cultivates inner and outer strength with ease.

Yoga is a moving meditation, and although that may also be said of Pilates, it is much more so for Yoga. The postures are designed to impact you on a physical level – to stretch, strengthen or align, but are also designed to focus and quiet the mind and connect to your fullest self.