New Clients can take their first 2 weeks of Unlimited classes for $30
This applies to ALL group classes:  Pilates Mat, Pilates Equipment, Yoga, Gravity Straps & Kettlebars, Stretch, Breathe, Meditate (SBM).

Although we run our classes in 8-14 week sessions, you can start your 2 weeks of unlimited classes at anytime. The 2 weeks of unlimited classes starts the day of your first class.

The FAQ page has detailed info about how to buy your pass online.

If you have never done Pilates before, please check out Pilates Customized and What We Offer - Group Classes to see what classes work best for you.

In general we recommend that you book your classes in advance, especially for the classes on the Pilates Equipment, which have a smaller class size.

After your 2 week unlimited pass is done, and you wish to join 1 or more classes, you have some options.  You can either pay for the remainder of the session on a pro-rated basis (This is the most affordable option.  This pass expires at the end of the session), or you can buy a 10 class pass in either Pilates Equipment ($190 + gst) or a 10 class pass for all the other types of Mat-based classes ($150 + gst) – and these passes last 1 year. Please see our pricing page for more information.



Because Pilates can be customised to your specific needs, where you start depends on you.

Rehabilitation and injury prevention: Many people are referred to our studio to address an injury, chronic condition, postural issue, or mystery pain. If this is you, we recommend taking at least 1 private session with one of our highly trained and experienced teachers to give you recommendations of what classes are best for you along with personalised exercises. Private sessions must be booked by email, phone (780) 421-9853, or in person. 

Find your core connection and improve everything about your alignment: If you are coming for General Core Conditioning/Cross Training/Improving Your Posture/Injury Prevention/Maintenance. Pilates by nature is therapeutic, so often a group class is a very safe way to start. 2x/week is recommended, although many of our clients come 1 or 3x per week.  In general, a perfect balance is taking 1 Mat class and 1 Equipment class per week, however your needs may be different. Our receptionists and/or teachers can guide you through this.

Levels: The Pilates Mat and Equipment classes have levels 1-4. Total beginners should start at level 1, however those with a strong yoga or fitness background may prefer to start in level 2. In general, levels 2/3, 3 & 4 are meant for those with Pilates experience. The Yoga, Gravity Straps & Kettlebars, and SBM (Stretch, Breathe, & Meditate) classes are all levels. The What We Offer – Group Classes section has more details…



We run our classes in 8-14 week sessions. Registering for the whole session guarantees your space in class, is the most affordable option, and keeps you committed to your fitness goals so you can chart your progress week by week.

Drop-ins are also welcome! We recommend registering ahead of time, especially for the equipment classes, as space is limited.

Registering for the whole session still gives you flexibility: If you need to miss one of your regularly scheduled class times, you can ‘early cancel’ at least 2 hours ahead of time and be able to make up that missed class time anytime within the session. Our FAQ page has detailed information on how to book make-up classes.