GST is additional
Toesox $18 each (5% off for 2 and 10% off for 3)
Theraband $12 for 5 ft length
Foam Roller $65
Stability Balls (55 & 65 cm) $45
Pumps for Balls $12
Fitness Circle (Ring) (DVD included) $45
Sitfit $50
Small Red Balls $5
Matwork DVD's: 4 levels to choose from!   (Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Each DVD has over 3 hours of material. You can do the 45 minute total body flow class, or create your own workout with many segments to choose from: Pure Core, Standing Pilates, Lower body, Back Strength, Stretching
$15 each
Ball & Roller DVD's: 3 levels to choose from: (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Each segment (Ball or Roller) has over 2 hours of material to choose from: a 45 minute total body flow class, or create your own workout with many segments to choose from: Pure Core, Standing Pilates, Lower body, and foam roller massage!
$15 each
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Usana Health Serivces


GST is not included in these prices

I support Usana because of the high quality of ingredients and ongoing research for optimal health. All supplements are made to Pharmaceutical Grade Quality for identity, purity, strength, & composition. Simply put, what's on the label is exactly what's in the bottle, guaranteed. The latest formulations uses "Incelligence" technology that not only provides an optimal balance of micronutrients, but also has cell-signalling technology that triggers the body to optimize its own health through greater detoxification, for example, and also to produce more of its own antioxidants, which are 1000x more powerful than those found in supplements. Anti-oxidants have been shown to prevent and heal a wide range of illnesses and chronic disease. 

For more information on Usana’s products and business,
please email us your questions and we will respond promptly.

Click here for more information about Usana and Incelligence - the latest technology to optimise your health.

(Anti-oxidant + Multi-mineral)
Shorter video about Cellcentials
Longer video with lots of detail about Cellsentials
112 tablets each $65.95 
(Cellsentials, plus  calcium, & an anti-oxidant booster in am and pm daily packs)
56 packets  $160.95 
Poly C  120 tablets $21.95 
Magnecal D  112 tablets $27.95 
Active Calcium Plus Chewable  112 tablets $29.95 
Video about Probiotic
12 stick packs $35.95 
Vitamin D  168 tablets $24.95 
Video about Biomega
56 gelcaps $30.95 
Proflavinol C 
Video about Proflavinol C
56 tablets $51.95 


See link for more info

56 tablets 60.95
Digestive Enzyme  56 tablets $33.95 
Visionex  56 tablets $42.95 
Pure Rest  56 tablets  $17.95 
Hepa Plus  84 tablets  $40.95 
Informational video about Procosa
84 tablets  $39.95 
Coquinone 30 56 capsules $49.95
Usanimals (for kids) 56 tablets $20.95
Body Rox (for teens) 84 tablets  $29.95 
Video on My Smart Shakes    
My Smart Shake (Plant Base) 546g $45.95
My Smart Shake (Soy Base) 546g $42.95
My Smart Shake (Whey) 546g $42.95
My Smart Shake Booster (Fibergy +) 392g $32.95
My Smart Shake Booster (Protein) 336g $28.95
My Smart Shake Flavor Booster 70g $9.95